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The Boring Company’s New ‘Flamethrower’ Proves Elon Musk Has Gone Full Hypebeast – The Drive

From “TheDrive”

Do you like your life? I do. And it’s just common sense that when the zombie apocalypse arrives, one needs to be properly equipped. In a world where tacticool sells and the Call of Duty edition Jeep Wrangler is a real-life truck instead of a discarded Onion headline, you can spot an amateur by his love of form over function.

The latest entry into that specific marketplace is no less ridiculous: Elon Musk is now hawking a “flamethrower.”

(Disclaimer: As detailed in a previous post, I have no financial interest in anything Elon Musk does. I do have a serious vested interest in the survival of the human race, however, so any claims to the efficacy of weapons meant to ensure it will be taken at face value.)

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